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Peeps I Dig – Jan ’11

Jan 24, 2011 | peeps i dig

Hope all of you peeps are getting an awesome start to the new year. It’s always nice to re-evaluate and get back to the basics.

For this month’s Peeps I Dig, I decided to do just that and highlight a company that I absolutely love and respect: French Paper Co. Why a paper company? Well, as basic as paper is, it’s an important part of any printed project. The French Paper Co. handles their business and product with personality and quality.

French Paper is a sixth-generation, family-owned company established in 1871. They were fore runners of recycled, post-consumer, and other environmentally friendly sheets. Their paper is distributed nationally and throughout Canada.

Did I mention that their brand rocks?! It’s funky. It’s fun. It’s effective. I love it. Make sure to check them out and check back for more Peeps I Dig.


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