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Lula is the best! That is NO exaggeration. Our Quaker Meeting needed to set up a webpage. None of us knew what to do. We had endeavored to start something, but Lula created a brilliant piece of work. She took us step by step through the process verifying everything, resolving problems along the way, providing instant feedback and following up with tutorials so we could be independent. Lula took the time to listen and interpret what needed to be done. Patience, kindness, helpfulness are all key to the service you will get at theLULAdesigns.

It’s rare in this day and age to find a company not concerned with the bottom line or profit margins. Lula’s concerned primarily that the client is satisfied with the product, understands how to use it, and happy with what has been created. Put your trust in theLULAdesigns and you won’t be disappointed!

Newton Monthly Meeting