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Bad Poetry: Embarrassing Reveal Part 13

Dec 25, 2017 | designingLULA

I visited my parents in Texas and pulled out from the dusty depths of my old bedroom closet, a box. It had been stored at the bottom of this closet for a multitude of years. I kind of knew what was in it but over the years had forgotten about the memories that awaited. Well to my horror and surprise, there was pages upon pages of teen angst poetry. It’s so, so bad that it’s almost good in its horribleness.

So in the spirit of this blog of designingLULA, it would be a shame if I didn’t share some of these gems into the psyche of my teen angst self. Hahaha…enjoy.


(undated, sometime between 1991-1994)

The deaf man listens to the
sweet whispers of the dumb
man’s song while he
rides into the burning horizon
on Apollo’s blinding chariot
petting the cat named Dog
barking at the burning
toast in the freezer at
the bottom of the top of
an endless pit infinitely
churning the spoiled butter
of a dead cow staring
at the cheese moon
turned red from the
blood of a hungry
mouse scampering across
the poor man’s kitchen
ceiling into the termite
infested window of a
psycho world called


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