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Peeps I Dig – August ’11

Aug 22, 2011 | peeps i dig

Welcome to the August installment of Peeps I Dig. If you’re new to this series, you can read about the birth of Peeps I Dig here. This month is all about Emma Stone.

Arizona native, Emma Stone is an up and coming movie star who seems to be a really down-to-earth young woman. With all of the hoopla that surrounds most young Hollywood stars, it’s refreshing to have a spunky, well-rounded person in the lime light who doesn’t seem to let all the crap ruin her good nature.

Emma StoneThis 23 year old has been in The Rocker, Superbad, Easy A, The House Bunny, and her most recent movies are The Help and Crazy Stupic Love.

I’ve liked all of the characters that she’s taken on. Whatever the plot of the movie may be, the characters are all smart, down-to-earth young women. She might be a little bit type cast but it’s not a bad mold to fill.

I love movies and there are only a hand full of modern actors that I repeatedly enjoy. I’m happy to say that Emma has made my list and hope that she continues to thrive healthily in Hollywood.

Emma might not be related to graphic design in any way but she inspires me nonetheless. I dig her. Do you?


Be sure to check back monthly for more Peeps I Dig. Who inspires you?


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