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Peeps I Dig – Sept ’10

Sep 6, 2010 | peeps i dig

Welcome to the second installment of Peeps I Dig. If you’re new to this series, you can read about the birth of Peeps I Dig here. This month is all about inspiration from animated characters.

“Really?”, you might ask. Well being the mother of a 2 year old, a large portion of my tv viewing ends up being cartoons. It’s interesting to me how the cartoon world has evolved since my childhood. This got me thinking about the lessons and inspiration I took away from the animated shows of my childhood as well as the tidbits I’m getting from the shows that my son watches. So here it is, animated characters that inspire and have inspired me:


As sarcastic as they come, Daria was a high school girl who didn’t buy into the crap of high school life.

Inspirations from Daria:
1. Don’t buy into trends.
2. No matter how weird, sarcastic, or non-mainstream you are, there’s always that one friend who can relate.
3. Being misunderstood by your family sucks, but they still love you even if they don’t get you.
4. Having a witty comeback is always cool.
5. Being smart is not a downfall.


Team Umizoomi

Premiered in 2010 for kids ages 2 to 8, Nickelodeon’s show Team Umizoomi is a blend of animation and live-action that focuses on math skills.

Inspirations from Team Umizoomi:
1. Math is everywhere you look.
2. It’s good to lend a helping hand.
3. Being tiny doesn’t mean that you can’t do big things.
4. Simple shapes are the building blocks of complex objects.
5. Each of us has a unique talent.



Thundercats is a cartoon that ran in the mid-80’s who’s human-cat hybrid characters flee their dying world and end-up on Third Earth.

Inspirations from ThunderCats:
1. Home is where you make it.
2. When you’re faced with challenge, lean on your friends for support.
3. Being a girl doesn’t mean that you can’t run with the boys (Cheetara).
4. Treat others with the dignity, patience, and respect that you’d want for yourself.
5. Violence is a last resort.


Dora the Explorer

Premiered in the late 90’s, Dora is an educational cartoon that teaches children Spanish amongst other life lessons.

Inspirations from Dora:
1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.
2. Always know where you are going (a talking map helps aka GPS).
3. Being bilingual is awesome.
4. Always be prepared.
5. Keep trying and you’ll get there in the end.


GI Joe: A Real American Hero

Based on a Hasbro action-figure line, GI Joe was a cartoon that ran in the mid 80’s which was basically a bunch of military dudes kicking ass and taking names.

Inspirations from GI Joe:
1. Knowing is half the battle.
2. Every story has a moral.
3. Teamwork.
4. I’m an American hero.
5. Strategy helps.


Be sure to check back monthly for more Peeps I Dig. Next month’s theme for Halloween: creepy artists that inspire me. Who inspires you?


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