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Podcasts that I Love

Jun 20, 2017 | designingLULA, peeps i dig

I’ve found myself listening to a lot of podcasts lately. It makes me feel super productive to listen while I’m doing things like gardening, driving, or cleaning. I really like podcasts that make me feel like I’ve learned something or connected in some way. There are a few that I continue to come back to and really wanted to share:


The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe podcast logoThe Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
So if you aren’t familiar with the name Mike Rowe, maybe you’ll recognize him as the Dirty Jobs guy. I really liked that show and I totally love this podcast. They’re about 10-15 minutes long including the ads, if you could even call them ads, because it’s just Mike rambling about the product or service. He’s very honest and funny about it so I don’t mind listening to the ads. When he gets to the actual podcast, it’s well worth it. Each one has a punchline and each time he delivers it just right. There isn’t any sort of theme to the subject matter. It’s pretty eclectic. I guess it’s best described as unique, interesting, and sometimes obscure tidbits about people and events past, present, and future that will make you go “hmmmm”, every time.


Science Vs. podcast logoScience Vs
This podcast is pretty spectacular in the humorous ways that the host, Wendy Zukerman, tackles various subjects using science. Science Vs. challenges everything from whether organically grown foods are better, to does gun control really curb gun violence, to do ghosts really exist, and on and on. My children and I like to listen to it on our daily commute to and from school. It has stimulated some interesting discussions to say the least.



Design Yourself podcast logoDesign Yourself: For People Who Want More
Sharon Lipovsky, founder of Point Road Studios, is the gem behind the Design Yourself podcast. She is full of practical advice on how to tackle life transitions, big decisions, self improvement, and just all around living a full and happy life. Sharon truly believes that there’s nothing stopping you and after listening to Design Yourself you’ll truly believe it too.



TED Radio Hour podcast logoTED Radio Hour
Who doesn’t love TED Talks!? In short, TED Radio Hour creates wonderful mashups of TED Talks that have a common theme and adapts it for radio. It’s downright enthralling. This podcast has also stimulated several interesting conversations with my kids on our long drives to and from summer day camp.



Hallway chats logo of an orange circle, green circle, and purple circleHallway Chats
This podcast is an informal, interview-style conversation with people who are a part of the WordPress community. Hallway Chats is a very new podcast by Tara Claeys and my fellow 2017 WordCamp Philly Organizer, Liam Dempsey. I find it to be refreshing and down-to-earth. It’s informative as well as emphasizes the humanity behind the technology. I’m very much looking forward to hearing more of Tara and Liam exploring and celebrating connections within the WordPress community that I’m proud to be a part of.


Sleep With Me podcast logoSleep With Me
Sleep With Me is one of my all-time favorite podcasts. It definitely got me through some very long, over seas flights and random nights of anxiety induced insomnia. I actually don’t listen to it regularly anymore because I find it so entertaining that I actually stay awake to listen. However, I’ve been told by others that it’s like getting punched in the face with sleep.




I’m always looking for new and interesting things. Let me know which podcasts speak to you.


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