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Aug 25, 2009 | designingLULA

So my last post was in February and I’m sure there’s speculation about why I’ve been MIA. Well, it was brutal, it was bloody but I made it through…I got married.


My goofy husband, Alx, and me right after the ceremony.

An absolutely wonderful event but the months leading up to the big day were exhausting. This wedding literally took over my life and definitely played a large part in designing the new me as mother and now wife. You can read about my thought process through the wedding blog that my husband and I participated in.

Lulax_Wedding_105My rock star bride’s maids.

Oh, the trials and tribulations. I have to admit that it did give us new perspective on our relationship. It was also a ton of hard work. You can read a lovely article about our wedding day by Kellie Patrick Gates in the Philadelphia Inquirer: our fifteen minutes of fame. Our moms were ecstatic. Our friends thought it was cool. There has also been the random person who’s recognized us from the article. Kinda cool in a pseudo Hollywood way.

Lulax_Wedding_073Raiden, my son, the cutest little boy in the world.

At any rate, the dust has cleared and the battle wounds from the making of random wedding decor have healed (I really did shed blood) so that’s that. The LULA is back to reality and ready to get back to designing. A world that I actually understand. Life is good.

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  1. Arin

    Glad you’re back – but are you up to the Beer O’s competition? I smell victory!!!!!


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