Realizing your business is extremely challenging and infinitely rewarding. There are countless steps to bringing your business to fruition. Creating a timeless, powerful, and meaningful public persona is a huge step in that process. It can be absolutely overwhelming. The goal of this workbook is to guide you through the first steps and get you well on your way to creating an impeccable brand.

This workbook is in three sections: Brand, Brand Identity, and Brand Strategy. You might ask, “What’s the difference?” There is a subtle yet important distinction. Brand is the name of a company, individual, organization, or product as well as the emotional and/or cultural associations attached to that name. Brand identity is the visual and verbal articulation of the brand. Brand strategy is the culmination of your brand and brand identity into a roadmap for growth and success.

Getting Started

The first time that you answer the questions, do it instinctually. Try not to over-analyze. Just let answers come to you. If an answer doesn’t flow out right away then skip to the next question and come back to it later.

When finished, put the workbook in a safe place and take some time to process the information. After a few hours or even a day, re-read the questions and your answers. You will recognize where answers need to be flushed out, ones that you want to completely change, and ones that are perfect. Go through this same process a couple more times and you will see your brand unfold in front of you.

Make sure you’ve worked through Part 1: Brand before moving on to this next phase.

Part 2: The Brand Identity

Close your eyes and think about your product/service, what color(s) do
you see?

Which of the five senses does your product/service stimulate (sight, smell, touch, hear, taste)? How?

Choose one characteristic that is above all others for the product/service (i.e. useful, compassionate, etc).

Who’s brand are you drawn to? What specifically do you like about it? (Regardless of whether it’s in your service area or not)

Who’s brand repels you? What specifically do you not like about it?

If your product/service were a person, who would it be (i.e. mother, sibling, friend)? Why?

What symbols or icons do you associate with your product/service?

Do you consider your concept to be modern, traditional, contemporary, or something else? Why?


You’ve taken a huge step towards establishing your brand and making your mark on the world. There is a lot of road left to travel but the journey is sure to be smoother now that you have a map. Stay tuned for Part 3 of A Guide to Unveiling the Essence of Your Brand.


As Alina Wheeler would say, “No one does it alone.” The following is a list of resources that I referenced as well as drawing upon my own experience in the field to compile this workbook for you.

Designing Brand Experiences, Robin Landa

Designing Brand Identity 3rd Edition, Alina Wheeler

Miki Young, Marketshift Inc.