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Everything Dies: A Coloring Book About Life!

May 4, 2017 | book reviews

Go West Craft Fest signThis past Saturday I went to the Go West Craft Fest. It was conducted inside of the Woodlands Cemetery in West Philly.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day filled with exceptionable pieces of craftsmanship. I stumbled upon a lovely book published by Philly local Bri Barton. Everything Dies: A Coloring Book About Life! was born out of Bri’s need to creatively process the impact of death on her life. As she explains in the book, “This coloring book is a part of my personal healing process and is a reflection of my own experiences. In my 25th year, six loved ones and teachers died within an eight month period. I made this book as a way to meditate on and better understand death. What surprised me was this:  every time I began to explore a part of dying, I inevitably was brought face-to-face with the immense wonder it is to be alive.”

Everything Dies: A Coloring Book About Life!

Bri poetically discusses and eloquently illustrates the different aspects of death from the emotions surrounding a loved ones demise, to the process the body goes through after death, to how various cultures from around the world honor death. The wording is clear, concise, and sensitive. The visuals are a reflection of the emotional intricacies surrounding the mourning process. She even threw in fun facts about the life span and death process of various insects and animals. To top it all off, it’s a coloring book—a workbook really. It’s a way to process, come to terms with, and maybe even embrace death by seeing its beauty and intimate and inseparable connection with life.

I urge you to check it out. It’s quite beautiful. It stole my heart immediately. I’ll leave you with a quote from the last page of the book that resonated deeply with me. One that I think everyone should embrace.

Life is amazing.
Death is life.
Make both count.


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