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Peeps I Dig – Oct ’10

Oct 10, 2010 | peeps i dig

October, October! I love October!

Halloween is my favorite holiday so in honor of that I’ve chosen this month’s Peeps I Dig theme to be creepy visual artists. What can I say, I’m challenged and inspired by the weird and unusual.

Hieronymus Bosch

Talk about creepy. Bosch was a 15th-century, Dutch painter who depicted some quite savage biblical interpretations. Many consider him to be the Father of Surrealism. Whether he officially holds that title or not, he most definitely paved the way for expression of the disturbingly intriguing. Take a look at his works, a really close look.

Inspirations from Hieronymus:
1. Everyone interprets differently.

2. Drum to your own beat.

3. It doesn’t always need to be “pretty”.

4. It’s better to get it out, than to let it fester.

5. Bosch’s art makes an excellent children’s book.


Damien Hirst

Hirst is a lucrative, internationally renowned, English artist who’s relationship with the animal world is…unique.

Inspirations from Damien:
1. You don’t have to be starving, to be an artist.

2. Controversy isn’t always bad.

3. Question societal norms.

4. Embrace challenge.

5. Artists can set records too.


Cam de Leon

de Leon is an American artist who’s dark, fantastical works you’ve surely seen. He did the early artwork for Tool and has done quite a bit of work for the movie industry as well.

Inspirations from Cam:
1. Don’t judge the artist’s personality by their work— dark art doesn’t mean dark person.

2. A lucrative living can be made on the creepiness in the recesses of your brain.

3. Surrealism is very much alive.

4. Do what you love, even if it’s outside of the mainstream.

5. A portfolio doesn’t have to be just a portfolio.


HR Giger

Widely known for his work on the Alien movies, Giger is a Swiss, Surrealist artist who has won an Academy Award for the creepy that comes out of his head.

Inspirations from HR:
1. You are not limited by reality.

2. Find a niche and perfect it.

3. Artists aren’t limited to one medium.

4. You know you’re bad ass when you have you’re own museum, and your still alive.

5. There are places that exist that would make me pee my pants in both excitement and fear.



Hans Bellmer

Bellmer was a 20th-century, German artist who used his expression as opposition to the fascism of the Nazi party (anonymously). He worked in isolation creating “dolls” that protested the cult of the perfect body, then a prominent ideology in Germany.

Inspirations from Hans:
1. Art is powerful.

2. Challenge the ideology of the perfect body.

3. Beauty and disturbing can exist simultaneously.

4. It’s better to get it out than to let it fester (I really can’t state this enough).

5. Dolls are creepy; mutated dolls are downright scary.





Peeps I Dig, hope you dig it. Next month’s theme: Sites/Blogs that inspire me. Who inspires you?


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