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The Common Core and My Kids

Mar 10, 2014 | designingLULA

I have to admit that until very recently I had no idea what the Common Core was. Apparently, I’m not alone. The education of my children and I’m sure yours is crucial and one of the most important, if not the most important tool I can give my children to succeed in life.

There are too many issues with our education system to argue in this post but I honestly, after reading-up on the Common Core, can’t see why anyone would oppose. To me, it seems like a shot at establishing some real consistency across the board as well as addressing the changing times. Let’s face it, our kids need to know SO much more than we did when they graduate from high school.

The fact is, my kids already surpass me technologically. It’s almost innate for them. So if my 2-yr old can get her way around my iPhone and my iPad, then the shit she can do once she’s graduated high school should blow my mind. I think that it’s fair to uphold her to a higher standard than I had. She’s fully capable of handling it and frankly our world demands it.


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